If you're still mulling over the news from Vanilla Ice that he "never badmouthed" Justin Bieber, and whether this means that he goodmouthed him instead, well, take a break and open wide for the best of this week's Soup.

1. Paris Hilton: The woman named after the City of Love was filled with hate for ABC reporter Dan Harris went he went all hardball on her during an exclusive news chat. Watch not-so-gay-Paris get into a huff, a snit and adopt a 'tude of general bitchery, all at once!




Keep clicking, and thus chuckling! 

2. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: If you've ever thought bankrupt, died-in-the-wool guidos Teresa and Joe Guidice are similar in any way to the most attractive, wealthy power couple in Hollywood, you're a tad delusional. Which means you're similar to Teresa, apparently.

3. Toddlers and Tiaras: There comes a time when a toddler pageant queen has to move on. She's not so young anymore. She's got to face the inevitable writing on the trophy-covered wall. This is the plight of Eden Wood. At age 6, she's over the hill. Kinda like the ladies on The View, so it was the perfect place to have her big send-off. Warning, Wood's special talent may drive you insane. Or land her on The Voice. Or both.

4. Justin Timberlake: Cautionary woodsmen aren't the only ones shouting timber!! So's Regis Philbin, after the sassy 'lakeman schools the aging host on the proper use of the word "the." It's actually more entertaining than it sounds.

5. Watch What Happens Live!: Deep thinker and international affairs commentator Joe Gorga boldly reveals the shocking RHONJ connection to bin Laden's network of terror, and he's got the facts to back it up. Find out which Garden Stater Joe's pointing his stubby contractor finger at!

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