Today may be a day of rest for some, but The Soup never sleeps. Let's bow down to the best of last week.

1. The Bachelor: Gang-dating a gaggle of women to find the one who's really and truly devoted to you is a demanding task for Brad Womack. Why not just get it over with and pick Michelle? After all, any lady who's willing to punch herself in the eye to get your attention's got to be a hell of a catch. 

One down, four to go!

2. Ellen DeGeneres: Joel stops by for a chat with Ellen. Need we say more? Alright, he also provides air-travel tips. It's much better than it sounds.

3. My Strange Addiction: Meet Davecat, who is not a Pixar character. In fact, he's a passionate human being. Who is passionate about another human being, his girlfriend. Of course, she's not alive…

4. Oprah: Freddie Mercury aside, a gay Indian is just something you don't see every day. But last Tuesday you did, provided you were watching Oprah. And while this man may not be a queen, he's certainly a prince.

5. You're Cut Off: Marcy is rich and spoiled and overweight. Now, this lighthearted show is making her work in a fast-food restaurant for a day, which she's not happy about. Because she might get fat. We know, this show is nuts!

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