This battle of brothers isn't ending any time soon.

As the vote to choose the next king of England looms, Prince Robert (Max Brown) asks Liam (William Moseley) for a "favor" to help him defeat their uncle Cyrus (Jake Maskall) in this exclusive clip from Sunday's all-new episode of The Royals.

"At today's hearing, they may ask you to speak, but if they don't I'm going to suggest it," Robert tells him.

Liam promises to support his brother, but clearly that just won't cut it. "I appreciate that," Robert says. "But I also think you should denigrate Cyrus. Talk about his drug use, mention his cancer, his erratic behavior. Hell, make something up if you have to."

The Royals 309, Prince Liam


Liam isn't convinced. "You really think that's necessary?" he asks.

"Unfortunately, I do," Robert replies. "But if it comes from me, it will play as negative campaigning. Besides, it's not like Cyrus has been a model of virtue."

"But, why stoop to his level?" Liam asks, advising, "The people see your nobility, and they appreciate it. The privy council will too. Remind them how great our country is and can be."

He adds, "Tell them that everyone should have a chance. We're England. We can be great and majestic. Remind them of that. Inspire them. That's what they want from a king."

But Robert dismisses Liam's suggestion and calls him "naïve." Watch how he shuts his brother down in the clip above!

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