There's a new King in town.

After a dramatic hearing with the entire family in attendance, Robert (Max Brown) was officially in and Cyrus (Jake Maskall) was ousted thanks to the highly anticipated Privy Council vote in tonight's all-new episode of The Royals.

Once the clock struck midnight, the bells of Big Ben chimed loud and clear to signal the transfer of power. Robert was pleased. Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and Eleanor (Alexandra Park) were ecstatic. Cyrus was devastated. And, Liam (William Moseley) still wanted answers.

Soon after the decision was made, he turned to Jasper (Tom Austen), who revealed he had even more top-secret information about Robert's mysterious disappearance.

The Royals 309


"Before the council hearings, you said you heard something from Boone (Thomas Christian), bad news," Liam said. "It's important I know. What did Boone say about Robert?" Jasper agreed to spill, but warned, "Once you hear it, there's no going back."

Before next week's season three finale (!), here's a recap of the night's five biggest moments!

Eleanor confronted Jasper after their breakup.

Jasper was back to work after disappearing from the palace to handle his business with Harper (Margo Stilley) and Boone, and that meant he had to face Eleanor's wrath. "I've been sitting in silence, wondering what the hell I did wrong, texting you like a pathetic loser, crying every night," she told him. "And you, you just show up like nothing even happened."

Jasper tried to apologize, but Eleanor didn't want to hear it. As she tried to walk away, he grabbed her arm. But her security detail Rosie (Sarah Armstrong) then stepped in and drew her gun just as Jasper did the same. Jasper finally released Eleanor as she instructed Rosie, "If you do shoot him, aim for the heart. He already broke mine."

Liam advised Robert to take the high road.

Ahead of the Privy Council hearing, Robert asked Liam for a "favor" to trash Cyrus on his behalf. "If it comes from me, it will play as negative campaigning," Robert said. "Besides, it's not like Cyrus has been a model of virtue." But Liam didn't agree with that strategy. "Why stoop to his level?" he wondered, adding, "The people see your nobility and they appreciate it. The Privy Council will, too. Remind them how great our country is and can be. Inspire them. That's what they want from a king."

Even though Robert listened to Liam's suggestion, he simply called his little brother "naïve" in the end. "We need to do whatever we can to secure the crown, and your job is to vilify Cyrus. Trust me on this, please." But when it came time for Liam to speak, he politely declined to say anything and "humbly deferred to the wisdom of the council." Luckily, Eleanor didn't have any problem doing Robert's bidding and harshly criticized Cyrus in front of everyone.

Jasper got arrested.

Once it was discovered that Jasper had stolen and leaked a confidential document about Robert's plane crash, he was in big trouble with the government as was his boss, James Hill (Rocky Marshall). Jasper decided to come clean and take full responsibility for his actions to clear James' name. "Mr. Hill had absolutely no part in it, nor was he negligent in any way," Jasper confessed. "His only mistake, if any, was trusting me and expecting me to do the right thing."

But just as he was being put into handcuffs, Robert stepped in to save the day. "Mr. Frost was working for me under my direct instructions," he lied. "There was no breach and thus no crime. The timing of this article would work in my favor, not only reminding the people and the council what I endured but why I'm not sat on the throne at this moment." Robert demanded Jasper be un-cuffed immediately, but that still didn't stop Mr. Hill from firing him right afterward for his dishonesty.

The Royals 309


Sebastian made Eleanor an offer.

Prince Sebastian (Toby Sandeman) was embarking on a new business venture to remodel and rebrand his family's real estate into boutique hotels around the world. He invited Eleanor to be his stylist and come on the road with him for the next six months. Eleanor was hesitant about the idea at first, but she also didn't have a good reason to say no. "Your fire is meant to be shared with the world," Sebastian told her. "Think about it."

Eleanor later decided she would take Sebastian up on his offer. Jasper was the first person to hear the news when he came to her room to explain himself. "I'm leaving soon, after the coronation," she told him. "I'm going to be someone more than a princess. I'm leaving this behind, including you. I can't do this anymore, any of it."

The Royals 309


Robert and Jasper struck a deal.

Jasper later went to thank Robert for his help, and then told him he'd been relieved of his duties to Prince Liam. However, Robert promised to hire him as his own personal security detail once he was elected king. "Rather than take you from my brother, I can simply reemploy you," he said. "Count on that."

However, Robert also made it clear Jasper would have to keep his "extracurricular affairs" in check. That specifically meant staying away from Princess Eleanor. "Dedicate yourself to protecting me, and I will always protect you," Robert vowed.

Make sure to tune in for next week's explosive season finale!

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