"Get out!"

After reporter Harper Day (Margo Stilley) threatened to expose his relationship with Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), Jasper (Tom Austen) is ready to cut a deal on Sunday's The Royals.

In this clip from the episode, Jasper breaks into Harper's house and reveals he's learned some very personal information about her past. When she threatens to call the police, Jasper offers her a deal.

"You're gonna bury the story about the princess and me and in return I'm gonna give you a story that will provide the foundation of…whatever it is your trying to become," Jasper tells Harper.

Jasper won't tell Harper the story just yet, but he does reveal why he wants to help her.

The Royals, The Royals 308


"Sometimes I wish I could just go back and wipe my past, start over," Jasper says. "Well if I can't have that chance then maybe you can…so take it."

Take a look at The Royals clip above to see Harper threaten to call the police and watch Jasper make a major confession!

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