So long single life! 

As much as Alycia Bella tries to deny it, she has admitted that she has a thing for rappers. On this week's episode of The Platinum Life, LoLa Monroe might have the perfect man for her. 

"Me and Los might have somebody for you," LoLa tells her while they take a break from a shopping spree. Alycia is quick to make sure that this "somebody" wasn't anything like her ex. "No rappers," she tells her girl. 

"Trust me," LoLa pleads with her. "Okay, but only 'cause it's you guys," Alycia shares. It all works in her favor because Izzy, LoLa and King Los' friend, happens to be just her type—a rapper. "I know what she likes and she likes rappers," LoLa confirms. 

While they're busy working on Alycia's love life, Nazanin Mandi and Asiah Collins are busy working on planning Naz's wedding. Since it turns out Miguel has a short window of time in the fall, Nazanin is attempting to plan a wedding in four months. 

Crazy but not impossible! The two meet with a wedding planner, pick out dresses and even go cake tasting together. In the end, Nazanin decides not to rush things and ends up postponing the wedding planning until they have more time. Some things are definitely worth the wait. 

Shantel Jackson is in boss mode. This entrepreneur is busy trying to get her product Shoe Gummi off the ground. Before she can go to market she needs a solid logo and to pass the rigorous testing.

While she's a bit stressed about the process, she couldn't be more excited about the final results—she passed. Which means Shoe Gummi is on its way to being a bonafide business. Woohoo! 

That's not the only thing Shantel has on her mind. She's still having problems with La'Myia Good and the ladies leave things unresolved after another group outing. It seems like they may never be able to patch up their relationship. 

Watch the video above to see everything that went down in this week's episode!  

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