Brace yourselves for some turbulence.

In this sneak peek from Sunday night's series premiere of The Platinum Life, Asiah Collins and Crystal Smith's feud takes flight as the ladies head to Las Vegas. 

After having to reschedule her brunch for the last-minute trip, Asiah, who's married to rapper Kid Ink, isn't pleased about the accommodations in the private jet Crystal organized for the group.

"My legs don't even fit in the aisle. I can't stand up. This is just—it's a little cramped," she tells Shantel Jackson, before announcing to the group, "I'm going to need another shot. My brunch is not happening so I would like everyone to get really lit."

But Crystal, who's married to R&B singer Ne-Yo, quickly gets fed up with Asiah's attitude.

"I'm about to get real—I'm already irritated," she says. "I feel like we're supposed to be on this trip and be trying to turn over a new leaf—and we can't do that if you're talking s--t."

Without specifically naming names, Crystal then calls out Asiah for her comments. "Listen, I know we're going to throw shade and we gon' do all that all day," she says. "But you being disrespectful by saying things about the leg space and all that is rude!"

Asiah, however, is having none of that. "Really, Crystal? I'm not a child," she says. "You're not going to sit behind me and throw shade like I can't hear you."

The two women then start shouting back and forth over poor Nazanin Mandi, who's unfortunately caught right between them.

"I am smack in the middle of Asiah and Crystal and it is so intense right now I just want to land," she admits. Awkward!

See Crystal and Asiah's fight go down in the clip above!

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