Fake it until you make it doesn't work at The Institute! 

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) is in way over her head on The Arrangement this week. She agreed to start doing private therapy sessions with Terence (Michael Vartan) for one reason: to destroy him. But it's not going to be that simple pulling one over on Terence. 

"Working in this industry, it puts these standards, this enormous pressure on people, on women…" Megan shares with Terence during their first session, but he's not buying it. "Megan, don't externalize blame. It's an escape on self-reflection. Talk about you. What do you feel?" Terence asks her. 

Once again Megan tries to go a little deeper and more personal in her approach. "Sometimes I find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning," she reveals. "I just lie there waiting to be judged. Picked a part by a world that doesn't know me. That's overwhelming." 

Terence goes along with her cliché response and checks in on the stomach pains she's experiencing, which have apparently disappeared. At the end of the session Terence has some surprising news for her. "I'd like to accelerate things," he tells a stunned Megan. 

"You have to stop bulls---ting me," he tells her. Even though she's about to deny that she's not giving her all to therapy, Terence let's her know who's in control. 

"Yes you are. You're deflecting. There is something else at the core of your stress. Somewhere you don't want to go," he cautions her. "But if you want my help and you want to get better, we have to go there—and we will. Time to dig deep."

Watch the clip above to see the shocking moment! 

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