We need season two, ASAP!

Sunday's season one finale of The Arrangement was the most shocking episode of the season. On the show, we saw Megan (Christine Evangelista) begin her Institute for the Higher Mind training, but then she managed to escape!

While the driver of an IHM van was away, Megan climbed into the back of the car. And then when the driver stopped to go to the bathroom, Megan jumped out of the van and ran off. Megan was able to escape the driver, but unfortunately she ended up at the doorstep of a woman who's involved with IHM.

Within minutes, Terence (Michael Vartan) and the rest of the IHM team were there to grab Megan. But one surprising person was also there, Kyle (Josh Henderson).

"You know about this?" Megan asked Kyle.

"I had no choice, it's the only way for us to be together," Kyle told her.

The IHM employees then gave Megan a shot and she fell asleep.

When they got Megan back, Terence gave her a serum which he told her would "help open your mind." Megan decided to drink it and then she began reliving the night she killed her stepbrother Evan (Pavel Romano). Megan recalled confronting her stepbrother about sexually assaulting her, which he denied.

Evan then tried to attack her again, but Megan was able to fight him off by hitting him with a bottle of alcohol. But when he was defeated, Megan kept hitting him with the bottle repeatedly.

Then after reliving this memory, Megan woke up crying and told Terence, "It wasn't self-defense, it was payback, it was payback, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

After this breakthrough, Megan was allowed to go back to her house with Kyle and it sounded like she had a whole new attitude about IHM.

"For the first time in my life, there's so much I wanna tell you," she said to Kyle when she returned.

We then saw Megan participating in IHM workshops and getting along well with Terence. That is, until she shocked us all.

After one of her workshops, Megan met up with her best friend Shaun (Carra Patterson), who now works at IHM. But even though she's working there, she kept the secret about Megan's past, which is why Megan decided to tell Shaun her plan.

"I have to be truthful with you, it's only right," Megan said. "I went through hell to get back to Kyle and become part of the Institute and now I'm here and I need you…because I'm gonna burn the whole thing down."


So it seems that Megan's new attitude wasn't really new, it was an act! Watch The Arrangement: Postnup video above to see the cast dish about the shocking season finale!

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