The Arrangement just got seriously wild.

Just when it seemed Kygan would live happily ever after following a romantic proposal on the beach, Megan Morrison's (Christine Evangelista) fairytale world was flipped upside down when a stranger from her past came back into her life and threatened to expose her dark secret. Correction: Her real dark secret.

Evidently, the story Megan had told Kyle West (Josh Henderson) about her stepbrother Evan wasn't entirely true. He didn't actually die after falling in with the wrong crowd. She was the one who killed him and another man went to prison for the murder. Now that man was out and ready to collect what he was due after learning about her whereabouts in the press. So, what exactly did he want? Oh, just a cool $5 million.

Since she was backed into a wall, Megan had no choice but to come clean to Kyle about everything. After all, he was her fiancé now. Also, he was super rich.

"[Evan] was in Hong Kong at the time and I just kind of showed up at his doorstep," she told Kyle. "When I finally had enough drinks in me to talk about what happened, he snapped and he attacked me and I fought back and it just happened. I was scared. I didn't know what do to, so I ran and then I found out this other guy went to jail for it."

Kyle was obviously stunned, but he agreed to help Megan and get the money she needed to make that guy disappear. But it never got that far because once she realized Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) had found out about her betrayal, she decided to make run for it to avoid causing any more problems. She wrote Kyle a goodbye letter, left the engagement ring and quickly packed up her stuff.

However before she could vanish for good, she was kidnapped on Terence's orders, thrown into a van and driven to the Institute for the Higher Mind's remote transformation facility.

"He's got to fix this whole situation and he realizes there's a lot of upside to fixing it on a number of levels," creator Jonathan Abrahams said in this week's Postnup recap with the cast. "It's self-protection, but it also could help his relationship with Kyle as well."

Watch the aftershow above to get more scoop from the episode!

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