The Arrangement just shocked everyone!

On Sunday's episode, Megan (Christine Evangelsita) was kissing someone who was definitely not her boyfriend Kyle (Josh Henderson). After play rehearsals, Megan, the cast and writer Nate (Rowan Schlosberg) had a bonfire to relax and get to know each other better.

And during a moment alone together, Megan and Nate kissed! But she pulled away and told Nate she had to leave.

"I can't do this," Megan said.

Megan didn't tell Kyle about the kiss, and then at the next play rehearsal, Nate asked her to "hang back" so they could talk.

Christine Evangelista, Rowan Schlosberg, The Arrangement, The Arrangement 105


"Listen, I know the right thing to say here," Nate told Megan. "Last night was a mistake, we have a play to do and we have to be professional and what happened by the fire was just about beer and weed. But I don't know, something tells me that isn't the truth, for either of us. Do you think I'm wrong?"

Megan then told Nate, "We have a play to do, we have to be professional. Last night was a mistake."

So what does The Arrangement cast think about the kiss?

Take a look at The Arrangement: Postnup above to see the cast dish about all of the shocking moments from this episode!

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