Hold up, Katie Cazorla isn't ready to walk down the aisle just yet!

In a sneak peek from tonight's episode of Second Wives Club, the entrepreneur goes out for a much-needed date night with fiancé Walter Afanasieff to make up for her long hours at work. But when he brings up an idea about finally tying the knot, Katie starts to freak out—even though they've already been engaged for six years!

"After Hi SocieTea [her business] opens then it starts coasting, guess what a really, really big deal payoff for me would be? Us finally getting married," Walter tells her.

Katie then fails to hide her shocked and slightly terrified facial expression.

"I don't have a fear of commitment to business," she explains in her confessional. "I have a fear of commitment to human beings! And the reason is because a business is all my control. With a relationship, it's two people. It freaks me out. What if I change my mind?"

Katie ungracefully attempts to change the subject at dinner as she starts scratching her nose. "Ugh!" she exclaims, telling Walter, "My allergies are driving me crazy right now. Sorry." LOL!

"I don't know I just feel like it has been five or six years now," she continues. "If it's good, don't try to fix it. But I promised him and I want him to be happy."

See Katie's awkward reaction to Walter's (second) proposal in the sneak peek above!

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