All aboard!

In another effort to squash the continuous tension within the group, Tania Mehra invites the ladies over to house for a private boat ride on the lake in this awkward scene from tonight's all-new episode of Second Wives Club.

"I feel like these are people who can understand where I'm coming from and we should be able to lean on each other and support each other," Tania explains. "So, I'm putting this good, positive energy out on the situation that we're going to have a little fun in the sun, take the boat out, catch up with each other, have a glass of wine and kind of make it a great day."

However, somewhere along the lines, communication got twisted because Katie Cazorla and Shiva Safai believed they would be lounging on a fancy yacht. News flash: It isn't a yacht.

Second Wives Club 103


"Where's the boat?" Katie wonders while walking down to the water with Shiva.

Her face immediately turns to disappointment when she notices Tania, Shawna Craig and Morisa Surrey waiting for them in a small vessel.

"Is that the yacht?" a confused Shiva asks. "Or, is that the one taking us to the yacht?"

"I think it takes us out to the boat," Katie replies optimistically. Wrong!

"I know I don't have my glasses on, but I'm like, is that a recycling barge or is that a dingy?" Katie says sarcastically. "This cannot be the yacht!"

Well, at least there's always wine. See their hilarious reactions in the clip above!

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