Second can be best, but not always.

The ladies of E!'s Second Wives Club may lead extravagant first-class lives, but according to them, marriage definitely isn't a walk in the park, especially when your significant other has already been there and done that (sometimes several times) before.

"I think that being a wife is very difficult, but then being a wife who's with someone that's been married before that has kids, it's very challenging," actor Lorenzo Lamas' fifth wife Shawna Craig tells E! News exclusively. "It just teaches you to be very selfless because you have all these other people that depend on you. It makes you very strong."

She adds, "I was 23 when I met Lorenzo, I had no siblings, never been around kids in my whole life, so that was a huge change and I think even though it was very difficult I grew so much from it and it was a good experience."

Second Wives Club, Shiva Safai


Meanwhile, real estate developer Mohamed Hadid's fiancée Shiva Safai believes her partner's two previous marriages have helped to strengthen their bond.

"I just feel that from life experiences you learn a lot and you implement that into your new relationship," she explains. "Having been married before, of course, you learn and you try to make your other relationships work better and you learn from the past mistakes that you did. So, we are definitely in it to make it. We're so happy together and everything is wonderful."

Tania Mehra, who recently wed producer Dean Bornstein, agrees with her costar's optimistic outlook.

Second Wives Club Cast


"It's not what I originally wanted for myself," Tania says. "I wanted my first to also be his first, but you can't help who you fall in love with. The drawback is you're going through an experience that someone else has already gone through, but on the other side of it, it's your own experience and it's what you guys go through together."

She continues, "I think he's learned what not do in marriage because clearly the first one didn't work out. I think he makes strong efforts to fix what didn't work in the past and he's really attentive in that department, so I lucked out with that! But you know it's hard because he already had a child with somebody and went through the motions, but we're making our own story together and it's not so bad."

However, Veronika Obeng has a much different perspective on second marriages than the other women. Her advice?

"Be a first wife," she says frankly. "That's the most valuable thing I've learned about being a second wife is be the first wife."

Well, there you have it!

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