Rich is about to get super real.

In the above first look at season three of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, EJ Johnson and Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff rekindle their childhood friendship and talk about the craziness that ensues as the child of a mega celeb! 

EJ admits that when someone realizes that his dad is Magic Johnson, they get totally excited. "People are always just going to like freak out and then people will come up to me and be like 'In that game in like 85 your dad did this' and I'm like 'Yeah I don't know,'" he hilariously explained. 

Taylor-Ann adds that fans of her dad David Hasselhoff often come up to her about their favorite episodes of his hit show. She usually exclaims something along the lines of, "Yeah, I didn't really see them all but thanks you're a great supporter." We have a feeling Taylor-Ann is more interested in bae-watching than Baywatch


These aren't the only two with drama. It looks like some of the #RichKids are over Dorothy Wang's rumored-attitude problem, and Morgan Stewarthas a huge blow out with bestie Roxy Sowlaty. Oh and another thing...Roxy and Taylor-Ann are high school enemies. Not even frenemies. 

On a lighter note, you can also look forward to seeing wedding planning between Morgan and Brendan Fitzpatrick plus every behind-the-scenes, nerve-wracking moment that leads up to his romantic marriage proposal! 

Watch the above clip to get a first look at EJ and Taylor-Ann on season three! 

Don't miss the season three premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills on Sunday, May 24th at 10 pm ET! 

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