#RK Recap, EP 206

#RichKids of Beverly Hills' Jonny Drubel is outrageous, loud and brutally honest.

We love seeing everything he has to say on the show, but he's recently started opening up even more about his personal life on his blog. He talks about learning how to enjoy sex, writes an open letter to someone who broke his heart and more. It's clear that he's putting his heart and soul into these posts with each carefully chosen word. We took some time to catch up with him and find out what has inspired him to share these very personal stories with his readers, which other #RichKids give him feedback and more!

Jonny admits that he was very inspired by a TED Talk that focused on vulnerability. "People are so nervous about being, they're just nervous about being vulnerable, and I watched it as I started writing these blog posts and I feel like that's what made me be so vulnerable."

He explains, "My recent blog post about the sex thing, I don't think it was too much because if someone can relate to it, and it's vulnerable and it's honest, and it's my actual experience then how can I be embarrassed by that?" He goes on to say, "I just want people to be able to relate and think ‘Oh someone else is doing this, this is happening to someone else." 

On whether or not Jonny gets any backlash from his readers for his topics of choice Jonny explains, "I got a lot of backlash after the first one. They were like ‘You can't generalize, you can't do this.' You get the typical like ‘You're a f----t.'" He added, "It's been mostly really great and again I think people are looking for something like this, and I've noticed that."

On the show, Jonny hangs out with EJ Johnson, Morgan Stewart, Dorothy Wang, Roxy Sowlaty and Brendan Fitzpatrick. So who gives him the best blogging advice or feedback? "Morgan always says ‘Great blog post' and honestly it's great to hear Morgan say that because her blog is bananas, and it's taken off like wildfire and she's had a ton of success from it," he shared. "They're all very supportive. Roxy kind of proofreads them. I don't have the best grammar, but Roxy will proofread to make sure it's proper English because she's like a stickler for grammar." 

If you've seen Jonny's Instagram lately, you may have noticed a picture of him in the hospital. He explained that he has problems with his esophagus due to acid reflex. "It's something to be cautious about and I am seeing doctors," he went on to say that he's not nervous about this affecting his music career because, "I've had surgery before and it takes about three weeks down time for that."

GIFS: Learn how to dance like Jonny Drubel and all the other #RichKids!

As far as future blog posts, he's going to start answering questions that he receives including one about married men that are in open relationships. He admitted that he's been in that situation, "You think it's going to change, but it's like getting into the psychology of why are you in that relationship? Why do you think that you're not deserving of being in a relationship that focuses on you?" 

Stay tuned for more blog posts from Jonny and watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills to get a close-up look at his fabulous life! 

Tune-in to an all-new #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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