In the above #RichKids of Beverly Hills sneak peek clip, Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart cure their birthday hangovers together, and have a heart-to-heart about Brendan's biggest problem with his appearance, his hair!

To recover from their wild night before, Brendan brings pizza and alcohol, the standard hangover cure. Morgan explains, "The key to a hangover thanks to Brendan Fitzpatrick is to drink beer, around two. Or wine, no hard liquor. Nothing crazy, just something to ease it off." Now you know!

Morgan confronts Brendan about their party the night before, asking why he went MIA for part of the night. Brendan confesses that he saw a photo of his receding hair line and it made him very upset.

#RK Clip

He explains, "I get blasted every time I post a photo, like if I'm so rich, then why do I have the hair line?"

The negative comments can be exhausting. Morgan confesses, "No matter how confident or how strong of a person you are, it does start to chip away at you." She also adds, "These people are in a Chevy pickup, in the middle of nowhere." 

Then Brendan drops the big bombshell that he wants to get hair plugs. Watch the above clip to see how Morgan reacts and tune-in this Sunday to see if he goes through with it!

Tune-in to the #RichKids of Beverly Hills two-night event starting this Sunday, August 31 at 10:30/9:30c and then on Monday, September 1 at 10/9c on E!

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