#RK Recap, EP 204

There is nothing worse than going through a breakup.

We recently saw this first-hand on #RichKids of Beverly Hills when Cooper broke up with Dorothy Wang. But with the help of your friends, family and a few talented celebs, you can be back on your feet again in no time. Here are the 13 songs you must have on repeat to help you get out of the breakup funk! 

13. Justin Bieber - "Boyfriend"

After a girl gets her heartbroken, sometimes it feels like she will never find anyone else! When she's down, hearing Justin talk about "chilling by the fire while we eatin' fondue" may just be the thing she needs to get her smiling again. No matter how much any girl denies it, it would totally be cool to have the Biebs as your boyfriend. 

12. Lady Antebellum - "Bartender"

To be honest, no playlist is totally complete without a Lady A song, but in the case of a breakup playlist, "Bartender" is a MUST. This is the song that is going to get her to stop crying in bed and on to the next stage: getting drunk with her friends with the help of a hot bartender. 

11. Jana Kramer - "Love"

This one may take a little while to listen to the whole thing, but it's the perfect song to get you back to feeling confident. Because even after a devastating breakup, it's important to still believe in love. 

10. Beyonce - "Single Ladies"

Self explanatory. 

9. 'N Sync – "It's Gonna Be Me"

Looking back, this video is a little bit terrifying, but in a good way obviously because it's 'N Sync. This song is perfect to listen to when you're out of the sad stage and entering the "WTF?" stage. He will never get anyone better than you and he will realize that sooner or later. 

8. Ariana Grande ft. Iggy - "Problem"

If he's dumb enough to leave you, then he is the one with issues. Girls have enough issues already, they don't need anyone else's problems on top of it. Cross him off the list. 

7. Hunter Hayes - "Wanted"

Hunter just gets it. This song will remind you how you should be treated. You'll realize your ex didn't feel this way and that you deserve to have your boyfriend be this obsessed with you. 


6. Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone"

This is the ultimate breakup song. It will make you feel powerful, confident, fun and hot! Kelly will remind you how much better off you are now, when you may be forgetting. 


5. Cher Lloyd ft. Becky G - "Oath"

This isn't for the guy who broke your heart. "Oath" is to help you realize that you have amazing friends around you, and sometimes that is all you need. Amy Poehler said it best, "Ovaries before brovaries." 


4. Taylor Swift - "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

When he comes crawling back, because one day he will, remember what Queen Taylor repeatedly says. Never. Like, ever!


3. Christina Aguilera - "Beautiful"

Breakups aren't only sad, but sometimes they make girls start to question themselves. It's not about your looks, because you are beautiful. (And he's an idiot.)


2. Britney Spears - "Piece of Me"

Can you imagine going through a breakup with the entire world watching you? We'd probably go through a Britney circa 2007 phase too. But sometimes going through a terrible time, makes you stronger and more confident than you could ever imagine.


1. Justin Timberlake - "What Goes Around…Comes Around"

This is a little awkward because we are so team Britney and Justin, but for the sake of arguement, this song has nothing to do with them. Remember when you're down, what goes around...comes around. You may not know it, but he will be hurting too. Love yourself! 

Tune-in to the #RichKids of Beverly Hills two-night event starting Sunday, August 31 at 10:30/9:30c and then on Monday, September 1 at 10/9c on E!

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