From screaming fights, to hugs and laughs, season one of #RichKids of Beverly Hills was anything but mellow. There were so many outrageous, LOL-worthy moments and you can watch them all in the clip above!

Remember when Morgan Stewart referred to Diane Sawyer as Anne Sawyer?! So hilarious!

#RichKids 104 Recap

OMG and what about that giant fight in Cabo between Morgan, Dorothy Wang and Roxy Sowlaty?! So intense! Also, you can't forget the time the girls, plus Jonny Drubel, ordered Mr. Chow takeout. Talk about a fancy dinner in!

And never underestimate the power of Instagram, because as we saw in season one, it has been known to cause some major girl drama...

Catch up on everything outrageous from season one in the above clip and watch the #RichKids take China this Sunday!

Tune-in to the season 2 premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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