We should have known this Cabo trip was going to end with drama.

On Sunday's all-new #RichKids of Beverly Hills, the cast continues to celebrate Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick's one-year anniversary.

But compared to the last episode where we enjoyed champagne dances, Givenchy bags and a private jet, part two turns into a complete dinner disaster.

From the moment the group sits down, Dorothy Wang and Roxy Sowlaty are disagreeing as to whether or not they acted like "psychos." Instead of bickering, however, Morgan just wants her friends to zip it!

"Shut the f--- up both of you!" Morgan declares. "The point is we're moving on from it right now. It's our anniversary and I want you to stop talking." Oh, how romantic!

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Dorothy is shocked to hear her BFF yelling at the top of her lungs. And when EJ Johnson defends her, Dorothy gets even more upset.

"It's Morgan that's being f---ed up, not me!" Dorothy says. Yah, shouldn't have said that, girl.

"Dorothy, don't talk about me like that," Morgan yells as she walks back into the restaurant after overhearing the conversation. "I was trying to move on from it and have a nice ending." Don't think that's going to happen.

"Everytime I come to Cabo, there's an effing issue at this restaurant," Dorothy says as she pounds on the table and spills a drink on EJ's designer clothes.

Talk about #RichKidsProblems. Watch the full clip above!

Tune-in to a brand new #RichKids of Beverly Hills Sunday night at 10/9c only on E! 

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