Jonny Drubel, #RichKids of Beverly Hills

"I'm an extremely shy person at first, but once you break that shell, I'm just like the most over-the-top, outrageous, crazy person. I'm the kind of person that will do what no one else will do, just because I don't care."

That's how Jonny Drubel, 25, would describe himself to someone he just met, and now we can't wait to see him on the new E! series, #RichKids of Beverly Hills. The aspiring musician spoke with E! News and dished on the new show, his friends and what it's like to be one of the #RichKids.

In the new series, we're going to see the talented musician with four of his best friends in their "normal," everyday lives. That is, if millionaire twentysomethings armed with black cards, tiny dogs and loads of Louboutins is considered normal... and in their reality, it is.

"What you will see on the show is the five of us and a couple of our crazy friends just having fun. I look at it like this, we're twentysomethings trying to find out what we want to do with our lives and trying to go after our career goals, to make a life for ourselves. Of course there's drama along the way. You'll see the drama. But you'll see a really good group of friends trying to help each other out through a really confusing time in our lives."

Though, the five stylish socialites featured in the series are growing up in a world where their wildest dreams are just a private jet and a tweet to their fun-loving friends away, money is not everything to Jonny and he has some pretty serious career aspirations.

"I would like to be able to make a living doing music. Whether that be singing, whether that be writing, I don't care," he revealed. "Music is my passion. I've been doing it for a really long time. I want to be able to live off music."

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What does the music producer listen to? What are his artistic inspirations? Well, it all depends on how he's feeling.

"If I'm going through a breakup, I'm listening to Céline Dion. If I'm going out, I'm listening to Cher."

And his favorite artist?

"Well the gay guy in me wants to say Britney Spears, but everyone's going to hate me for saying that. But the most talented person, and the person I most respect would have to be Céline Dion because I have never heard her hit a bad note, ever. I love her. Her music strikes a chord with me."

Jonny Drubel

The biggest thing the young artist is looking forward to is the new show and just being able to spend time with his friends.

"I've known all these people for like years. The longest is Dorothy, and that's almost 10 years. Brendan I've known for like eight. Morgan and Roxy I've known for at least six. We're actually good friends. You'll see it and that the relationships are actually genuine."

Just because Jonny's rich, doesn't mean he doesn't have his own weird quirks.

"I sing lullabies to my dogs when they go to sleep."

Can't wait to see that! Check out Jonny's music and new Christmas song "White Christmas" on his website.

Tune-in to the season premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills on Sunday, Jan. 19, at 10/9c!

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