Grab the tissues.

In this scene from Thursday's season finale of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Padovano meets with Khloe Kardashian to share how her lack of self-confidence has grown with the constant criticism from her mother.

"I know my mom loves me, but she's caused me a lot of my insecurities as well," Ashley explains. "My mom has told me that I'm getting too big. I feel like a punching bag with her comments."

"Your mom seems to have a pretty strong control over you," Khloe comments.

Revenge Body 108


"She's always comparing me to my sister, like 'How come you never do your makeup?'" Ashley adds. "And it's like, when I do you don't even say anything, so it's just like, why bother trying?"

But it's not just her mom. Ashley also feels the pressure from her sister.

She recalls, "I remember one time I actually did do my makeup and everything, and my friend was like 'Oh you look so good!' And my sister's like, 'Yeah, but she's still fat.' What I hear them say is what I see. It's like your fat no matter what you do, no matter what clothes you wear, what makeup you put on. It's still the same girl that is what they tell you you are."

"It breaks my heart for you," Khloe says, before offering her a tissue.

"A lot of mom and daughters, their relationships are close," Ashley says. "My sister and my mom, I think they have that relationship because they're always talking about something. But I feel like with my mom, I can't have really do that."

Find out how Ashley escapes from it all in the clip above.

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