Khloe Kardashian to the rescue!

In this sneak peek from Thursday's upcoming episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, new participant Brittany McCalipp is ready to make a positive change in her life with Khloe's help.

"I had my daughter at 16," Brittany explains. "I was in high school. I had the star athlete of the school, and all the girls liked him. Of course, I conquered that, so I got pregnant."

She then reveals in her confessional, "I was a size one until I got pregnant. I want to lose weight now so I can get my bougie back, and also get to go shopping and wear all the fly s--t that I really want to wear."

Then, Khloe asks her the all-important question: "Who do you want to get revenge on most?"

"My daughter's father, Conrad," Brittany replies. "He left me when I was five months [pregnant], so that was devastating."

She continues, "The breakup with Conrad was very depressing for me. I cried my whole pregnancy, and then I just went ham, eating whatever I want. It was just like food was just my therapy or something."

Khloe confesses she can relate because she's an "emotional eater," as well. "If I'm sad, I'm like 'Give me the ice cream or the cake!'" the reality star says. "That's me."

"I'm definitely an emotional eater," Brittany agrees, adding, "So, Conrad, he sees me like she's never going to change. It would just be a good thing for him to see that I can do this without him."

Find out Brittany's goals to get back at her ex in the clip above!

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