Playing with Fire

E! Networks

Derek and Daniel are taking one of the hottest parties in the US to one of the coldest places in the country: The Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Derek has ulterior motives and plans to propose to his girlfriend Mollie while he's there. Oh, and he hasn't told Daniel what he's planning…

Anna Boiardi is thinking about having another baby, but is concerned she might not be able to due to complications with her last pregnancy. She goes in to see what the doctor says and… she gets a clean bill of health!

Candice Kumai lands a spot on the show The Doctors to give advice on food that fuels sex. Getting ready for the taping is stressful, but she ends up nailing it!

Julie Elkind and her boyfriend Kyle end the season on a sour note by getting into a huge brawl about Kyle's financial future, and the future of their relationship.

Besides finding out that she's still able to conceive, Anna also gets a new business off the ground by courting investors at an exclusive yacht party. It looks like her pasta-dinner-online-delivery service is getting financial backing!

And finally, despite Daniel interrupting them on a number of occasions, Derek is finally able to propose to Mollie. And she says yes! What a beautiful way to end season one of Playing with Fire!

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