Playing With Fire Recap

Every day seems like a battle between Derek and Daniel, but this time they've arranged something more official: A charity fight for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

And after a TON of trash talking, we learn that the only thing bigger than the parties they throw are their egos!

Jennifer Esposito is opening her new bakery, Jennifer's Way. Her stress level is through the roof, and that's before her mom shows up! Despite all of the hurdles, the celebrity-studded opening goes off without a hitch!

Julie Elkind has a roller-coaster of a week. After appearing on The Better Show to do a cooking demonstration, she goes in for a meeting at BLT… and gets fired. She's devastated, but thankfully her boyfriend Kyle is there to comfort her.

Candice Kumai visits a psychic to get advice about her love life. The first thing the psychic tells her is that she will be able to help people throughout her life… which causes Candice to burst into tears. Thankfully, the psychic tells her she'll marry a handsome man, which cheers her right up!

The fight ends up being an all-out brawl, and Daniel wins by a hair. Unfortunately, he won't stop rubbing it in Derek's face and they end up going at it again at the after party. They patch it up by the end of the evening and hug it out.

We're left with Derek leaking some major news – he's thinking about proposing to his girlfriend Mollie…

Tune in Fridays at 8/7c for Playing with Fire, only on E!

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