Playing with Fire

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The Koch Brothers are putting the final touches on the new permanent location for their brunch-party brand, Day & Night. Daniel is distracted by his undying love for his new girlfriend, Allie, a delightful girl who he just so happened to meet after hiring her to work for them!

However, the new venue opens in 10 days, and Derek insists that Allie can't work for them while Daniel and her are in a relationship because of the problems they've had with Daniel dating employees in the past.

Candice Kumai is trying to take her career to the next level by getting a print column in Men's Health magazine. Her typical gimmick of flirty/sexy/xoxo/kisses doesn't impress the editors of the publication, who want to see her take a more serious approach to her writing.

Julie Elkind's biological mom is trying to reconnect with her, and despite her reservations, Julie agrees to meet with her and talk. Unfortunately, after Julie spends all day cleaning the house and baking deserts in preparation for the meeting, her mom cancels on her. It's a sad moment, but Julie finds refuge in her boyfriend Kyle's soothing words and the delicious sugary center of a cupcake.

The opening of the new Day & Night venue goes off without a hitch… except that Daniel hires Allie to work the event. Derek is furious, Daniel seems oblivious, and Allie does a fantastic job of refilling champagne flutes!

Here are our TOP FOUR favorite moments from this week:

4. Candice Won't Stop Flirting With the Chef She's Interviewing
Being the ultimate flirt is a fun pastime until it starts to affect your professional life! During an interview with Marco Canora, Chef and Owner of Hearth, she accentuates every question with a bat of her lashes and flip of her hair. She gets all of the information she needs from him, but the Men's Health editor observing the exchange isn't thrilled with her interview style.

3. The Koch Brother's Dad Asks Daniel and Allie How Long They Have Been "Getting"
During a dinner with their dad and Allie, Mr. Koch adorably asks Daniel and Allie how long they have been "getting." Thankfully, Daniel and Derek are excellent translators of Midwest jargon and know that he meant dating… and not some sort of vague sexual innuendo.

2. Daniel Accidentally Introduces Allie as His "Mistress"
Yikes. Daniel is a smooth operator when it comes to women, but this fumble is embarrassing. After calling Allie his mistress and getting a well-deserved dirty look from her (and we're guessing a verbal thrashing when the cameras were off), Daniel sheepishly apologizes. He could have called her almost anything else and it would have been fine – such as "my girlfriend," "Allie," or the always classic, "woman who is not my mistress."

1. Anna Boiardi's Publicist is Fabulous
We are thrilled every time Anna's publicist, James, comes on the show. He's full of life, generous with sassy advice, and always delivers quick one-liners that we can't get enough of. A+ and a dozen gold stars for James!

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