When you're traveling the globe and visiting the most exotic and exclusive locations out there, you're probably going to have some fun, right?

Former The Bold and the Beautiful star and the current host of E!'s new series Party On, Jacqueline M. Wood spoke to E! News and dished on her adventures, including a romantic kiss...

"There was a kiss in Croatia. I'm there, I'm on a yacht, there's the sunset," she revealed. "Hey, I live in the moment, which I did."

Jacqueline traveled nonstop and spent 48 hours in each exotic location, checking out the incredible beaches, tasting the delectable cocktails and cuisine, and trying out the often extreme activities that make each destination one of a kind. She explored Greece, Croatia, St. Tropez, and Istanbul, just to name a few.

"It was very spontaneous. When I packed, I packed very light. Bikinis, comfortable shoes, my camera and my phone," the host explained. "I'm a spontaneous girl, I'm always up for a good challenge and a good activity."

Everyone has a favorite vacation spot and we wanted to know which of the destinations was her favorite from the entire trip.

"I would have to say my favorite was Mykonos. It's a beautiful island in Greece and I fell in love with it. I love how they have great restaurants with incredible food right on the beach that turned into a night club. Activities 10 feet away from you, right by the crystal clear water. Every place I went to in Mykonos was great."

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Jacqueline M. Wood, Party On

Jacqueline did a whole lot of traveling but she didn't do it alone! Along the way she met up with The Hills star Stephanie Pratt, rapper Tinie Tempah and many other friends around the globe.

From the sneak peeks (watch one above!), it looks like things get pretty crazy, and we wanted to know if through it all, if she regretted anything.

"I don't regret anything. There's obviously going to be funny and embarrassing moments, but that's part of life. It's very candid," she dished. "Life's short, party on. You'll see me living in the moment. I came back with a smile on my face and amazing stories."

Tune-in to the series premiere of Party On tonight at 10/9c on E!

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