Mariah Carey is on top of the world!

E! News sat down with the Mariah's World star yesterday for an exclusive interview about all things Mimi.

"I'm ecstatic, darling! I couldn't be happier!" the singer, who is engaged to be married to Australian beau James Packer, gushed. "I'm very happy."

While Mariah certainly has a lot to be happy about, she's still playing coy when it comes to all those questions about wedding planning. "I can't really answer them because we're trying to talk it through," she dished. "It's like some things are a surprise, some things are like, ‘How do we fit them into the schedule?' So everybody just has to wait and see, including me. We're figuring it out."

James Packer, Mariah Carey

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

But does Mariah have a wedding date?

"Like tonight? Do I have a date tonight?" the songstress teased. "I can't answer these questions."

During her Mariah's World panel at yesterday's TCA presentation, Mariah was asked what her ex-hubby Nick Cannon thinks of her upcoming E! docu-series. ""I can't speak for what he thinks because he's his own guy, and we are not together anymore, but he's cool about being on the show and coming around with the kids and very supportive," she said. 

Mariah also revealed that James will appear on Mariah's World. "Yes, he's part of the series," she said. "He's a businessman, and that's, like, his world, and I don't try to permeate that situation. So I think he's been very cool in allowing some moments, but you can't…he's not an entertainer. He's not a professional entertainer. That's not what he does. So I can't expect him to change his whole thing because, like, ‘Oh, no, you've got to be, like, interviewed constantly and this and that.'"

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