This is not OK.

On Sunday's brand new episode of Life of Kylie, Kylie Jenner learns that imposters are selling fake Lip Kits and other Kylie Cosmetics products to fans. The bogus beauty products are actually pretty dangerous and upsetting fans, so Kylie goes to check them out in person. 

In this sneak peek clip, Kylie and BFF Jordyn Woods drive to downtown L.A. where they find a stand selling tons of knock-off Kylie Cosmetics.

"Yeah, I'm really nervous," Jordyn says in the car. "I'm so nervous," Kylie adds.

"There's so many people," Jordyn adds as swarms of people and paparazzi gather around Kylie's parked car."

"Is this why my mom was like concerned?" Kylie asks. "I'm really scared," Jordyn says.

Then Jordyn hops out of the car and walks up to the stand to examine all the fake products and Lip Kits. "This is crazy," Jordyn says. "Who owns this place?"

So what happens next when Jordyn tries to buy some of the fake Kylie Cosmetics? You'll have to t in to Sunday's episode to find out!

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