Khloe and Lamar


If there's one thing we can count on from Khloé & Lamar, it's that they're always supporting each other. And in the season finale we saw a whole lot of that!

It started when Khloé noticed Lamar was acting a little off. "I'm not used to this negative, somber man," she said. "And it hurts me to see Lamar that different."

Khlo sits her hubby down and tells it to him straight, "When I can sense that something is wrong, it scares me."

Lamar admits that he's been holding a lot of pain in, especially after the violent death of his cousin. "It's been pretty tough the past six or seven months," he says. "Every time when I'm like really down and out, no matter what Khlo— is one person I can always count on."

There, there, Lam Lam—all you needed was a little one-on-one time with your wifey!

But Khloé is about to experience pain of her own when she gets a call from her sissy Kim, saying that there's a tabloid story questioning whether Khloé is a biological Kardashian. Gasp!

Rob doesn't make things any easier when Khloé comes to him for answers and he pulls a practical joke. "Clearly there's some type of insecurity issue she has with that subject," Rob says. "Which is kind of sad."

That insecurity builds when Kourtney chimes in and suggests Khloé get a DNA test to prove that she's a part of the fam. "Wouldn't you just want to know 100%?" Kourtney asks.

It's not something Khloé is prepared to deal with, but Lam takes her mind off things and decides to step up his game. "It's important for us to stay strong for each other," he says. "I just need to be a good husband, be thoughtful and just let Khlo know how grateful I am."

He starts by surprising her with a pre-taped video message while Khloé is co-hosting The Talk, along with a bouquet of roses and a giraffe...a live one. What a smart man!

"In New York when I was visiting my sisters, he [Lamar] gave me a blowup giraffe and I named it Henry," Khloé explains on air. "It's like my only friend in Dallas."

Awww, Khlo! At least you've got your real live friend Malika Haqq, who hops aboard the perk-Khloé-up bandwagon when she says, "It's something you shouldn't have to deal with. You don't need anybody to prove anything to you. You know the love of your father deceased or even when he was here. No one can change that, not even DNA."

Too true, Malika, too true. Perhaps that's why when Momma Kris Jenner shows up to Khloé's photo shoot for the cover of Cosmopolitan she ends up getting the cold shoulder.

"Is it bothering you that all these rumors about who's who keep popping up everyday?" Kris asks. "Because it's really upsetting me."

It's upsetting Khlo too, only she can't handle talking to her mother about it at that moment. "I am one million percent comfortable with not getting a DNA test and knowing that my father is my father," she says. "I'm more than happy to live with that for the rest of my life."

That's the fiesty gal-pal we know and love! And when Khloé gets back to Dallas, she finds all the comfort she needs with the man in her life.

"If I had to put a title on this year I would probably call it the Trying Times," Lamar says. "So many things happened. Life changed for us. We've lost and we've gained. But at the end of the day, everything that we've been through has just made us closer."

Khloé couldn't agree more, as she says, "This has been a very crazy past year…And you know what? Lamar and I did not just get through it, we made one another so much stronger and we did it still holding hands and kissing."

We're just happy we got to be there with the couple as they went through it. All we can say is: Thank you Khlo and Lam Lam, for making us believe in love!

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