Khloe and Lamar

On this episode of Khloe & Lamar we learn that while Lamar's anxiety to get back on the court may be over, he has a whole other issue to deal with! "Now that the lockout is over, the stress of negotiating kicks in," Lamar explains. "Honestly, that stuff is more stressful than playing basketball."

While Lamar tries to sort out his fate, Khloé has to deal with traveling to New York for a contracted appearance, "I just don't want to leave Lamar at such a vulnerable time."

Vulnerable doesn't cover the half of it, because as soon as Khloé lands she discovers that her hubby has been traded to the New Orleans Hornets. And just when she wraps her head around moving, a few hours later he's suddenly un-traded. It's all up in the air, unstable and driving the couple to paranoia.

Faced with the uncertainty of where Lamar will end up—mixed with the fact that he feels odd about going back a team that just tried to trade him—things come to a head and he starts to weigh his options.

When Khloé lands back in LA, the first thing she does is call Lamar to hear the verdict, which comes in the form of a duet. "Think of stars," Lamar says, "and think of a million of them." He then starts to sing, "The stars are bright/Deep in the heart of Texas."

The Dallas Mavericks have landed Lamar, and it's Dallas in the morning for the b-ball star.

So, while Lamar leaves for the Lone Star state, Khloé and Malika start packing up the house. "It's pretty hard," Khloé explains, "packing up our belongings and leaving our beautiful home that we became newlyweds in, and moving to a place that I've never been. But Lamar is my number one priority."

Tune in next week to see what happens when Khloé joins Lamar in their new home, April 8 at 10/9 c.

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