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Even when you're not able to see yourself clearly, it helps to have friends who can. "Malika has the world's most perfect body," Khloe says, "She's crazy."

The "crazy" Khloe refers to is when Malika admits to scheduling a consultation about possible breast augmentation. Khloe assumes that this is all a knee jerk reaction to Malika's recent breakup, but Malika insists that's not the case, "It's a Malika issue," she says. "I do think I have the body of like a 12 year old. I'm near 30 and I'd like to have something that says woman."

Meanwhile, Lamar is at a bit of a loss when his father, Joe, calls to ask if they can both go on a trip. Lamar has always had a strained relationship with his father, and often has a hard time deciphering if his intentions are genuine. "I just don't understand why Joe is the way he is," Lamar says. Though, through some soul searching and a trip to Camp Pendleton, Lamar comes to terms with the fact that Joe might be suffering some post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his stint in Vietnam. "I gotta give my father a break sometimes," he says. "For the first time I'm really starting to understand why he couldn't be a dad to me when I was younger."

In an effort to help Malika face her own issues, Khloe takes her lingerie shopping to see alternatives to surgery. Her other agenda? To show Malika that she has a smokin' hot bod. However, when Khloe tries on lingerie so Malika can compare their bodies, things take a bad turn. Malika gets defensive about Khloe trying to discourage her decision, and suggests that Khloe could get liposuction if she's not happy with herself. That comment crossed a line, and Khloe storms out of the store, saying, "I cannot believe Malika insulted me and called me fat."

Even though Malika and Khloe disagree, in the end Malika starts to question why she's even getting surgery in the first place. She realizes what Khloe was saying had a ring of truth, and she goes over to tell her best friend the good news. "I'm so happy Malika decides to not get her breasts done," Khloe admits. "Malika is so hot and such a good person, that I know love will find her when it's meant to be."

That kind of thinking is exactly what you'd want to hear your friend say, and we're glad Malika started to listen!

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