Khloe, Malika


On this week's episode of Khloé & Lamar, get ready for catfights, new relationships, and earth shattering realizations!

If you've been watching the promos, then you already know tensions are high between best friends Khloé and Malika. The fighting begins when Malika decides to get a breast consultation, because she'd like to go up a size, which causes Khloé to become defensive over her best friend and her own body.

"I cannot believe Malika insulted me and called me fat," Khloé says.

And Malika explains that while Khloe thinks she wants implants because of her recent breakup, in reality, "It's a Malika issue. I do think I have the body of like a 12 year old. I'm damn near 30 and I'd like to have something that says woman."

Girls will be girls, or whatever. But will Khloe be able to accept Malika's decision and get past the fight? Or will Malika's comments cause an even bigger rift to form between the usually iron clad friendship?

Let us know what you think will happen, and tune in to see if you're right!

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