As if Kim Kardashian wasn't having a bad enough week already...

First, there's the breakup with Reggie Bush, which she doesn't want to talk about. Now, she's dead.

Or at least her animated self is.

A cartoon Kardashian made a cameo on last night's South Park, a send-up of the late J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye that, through a series of missteps, sees Butters Stotch first obsessing over the E! hottie ("Kim Kardashian is so sexy. Her butt is like a big mountain of pudding!") and then a delusional fan of Butters going berzerk and gunning down the whole Kardashian clan.

"We were all dying when we saw this clip from South Park that aired last night... literally, LOL. They killed us all!!! Khloé, Kourt, Bruce, mom and me!! I managed to survive the longest... of course! Thanks Trey Parker and Matt Stone... we're honored!" wrote Kim on her blog.

"AMAAAAAAZING!!!!!! I seriously died!" tweeted Khloé. "No pun intended LOL."

It could have been worse. At least she wasn't called a "transvestite donkey witch" like the 'tooned-up Sarah Jessica Parker, who ends up getting shot by a hunter.



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