Forget the Kardashians, Kris Jenner is busy trying to keep up with MJ.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris buys her mom some new shoes, but there's a catch.

Kris gave MJ insoles that have a special tracking device so she can know what her mom is up to at all times.

"I don't want MJ to feel like I'm breathing down her neck, but I really want to know where she is all the time so I know she's OK," Kris confessed.

"Anytime you're wearing a shoe, put this in and it'll just be more comfortable for you," Kris instructed.

Kris Jenner, MJ, Keeping Up With the Kardashians


"Thank you so much, you're a good daughter," MJ cooed.

Despite her excitement, MJ was a little skeptical after looking at the box. "It doesn't say that it tells you your steps," she wondered aloud.

But Kris ensured her that they'd figure it out and walked away feeling like daughter of the year.

Watch Kris get sneaky in the clip above.

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