Jessie James Decker has a tell!

In this preview from Wednesday's season finale of Eric & Jessie, Jessie's pregnant sister Sydney Rae Bass drops by to chat about her upcoming baby show.

"Speaking of mom, how has planning [been] going with ya'll for my shower?" Sydney asks.

"For the shower? Good!" Jessie says enthusiastically. "We have everything done."

"That's your lie face," Sydney calls her out. "It's not my lie face!" Jessie insists.

"You're really bad at lying," Sydney smiles. "You do this kinda like half smirk where you're like, ‘No, like everything's done.'

"Honestly everything is done. It is," Jessie tells a skeptical Sydney, who reluctantly adds, "I believe you."

LOL! See Jessie's lie face in the clip above!

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