We know whatRob Kardashian is not going to be doing for the next month.

Namely, the 30-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star won't be contacting or coming within 100 yards of Blac Chyna. Moreover, a temporary restraining order in place as of this morning dictates that he refrain from cyberbullying; revealing details of her medical history; posting private, intimate or sexually explicit photos or otherwise disparaging his ex via social media in any way.

It serves to reason that, after his social media tirade made headlines last week, he's seen the error of his ways—but Rob also got very lucky, in that he was allowed to spend the morning with the person who matters most to him in the world.

"They are both working together to do what's in the best interest of the child," attorney and longtime family friend Robert Shapiro, who appeared on Rob's behalf Monday, told reporters after the hearing. "On Mr. Kardashian's behalf, I'd like to apologize for the events that have taken place. Moving forward, the priority is the well-being of the child."

Though Chyna doesn't want anything to do with Rob himself right now, she didn't make any move regarding custody and briefly told reporters outside the courthouse that she would go back to co-parenting their 8-month-old daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Nannies will continue to handle dropping off and picking up Dream when she shuttles between parents, and L.A. Superior Court Commissioner James E. Blancarte said it would be up to Rob and Chyna to figure out a visitation schedule.

"I talked to Rob about everything. I talked to him," Chyna said in an ABC News interview, the first part of which aired this morning on Good Morning America before the court signed off on the TRO. "The moral of the story is, like, he doesn't respect me, so if you can't respect me, you have to respect the law."

But Chyna, who's also mom to a 4 1/2-year-old son, King Cairo, with Tyga, knows that Dream means everything to Rob and she only wants what's best for her daughter. Even when things didn't end well for her and Tyga, and the web got increasingly tangled when the rapper started dating Kylie Jenner, the exes have always seemed to have a grip on their co-parenting arrangement.

Blac Chyna, Lisa Bloom

Toby Canham / Splash News

And Chyna, for any controversy she's gleefully placed herself at the center of, is at the end of the day a devoted mom whose No. 1 priority is her kids' well-being. Just hours before Rob profanely aired his grievances, he had posted a sweet photo of himself and Dream enjoying pool time together on the Fourth of July.

King, meanwhile, was with his dad last week when Rob started ranting and posting graphic nude pictures of Chyna online, prompting the rap video muse turned salon owner and pop culture sensation to fire back on Snapchat, an exchange that immediately went viral.

"This type of fight has happened between them before, and they will most likely reconcile later on for the sake of their daughter, Dream," a source told E! News last Friday, two days after the blowup. "As of now, they are not communicating and Rob has stopped all financial matters with her."

Rob's Instagram page was deleted mid-rant, prompting him to switch mediums (a handful of the cleaner tweets from his tirade remains), while Chyna didn't miss a beat on her page—ground zero for baby pictures and promotions for her various businesses—all weekend.

Offline, however, she was considering her options.

Last week, amid the back-and-forth, Chyna deleted a Snapchat post in which she alleged that Rob had "beat" her. She again raised the allegation that he had done her physical harm in her TRO application. In a declaration included in her court filing, Chyna stated that on April 17, Rob was "mad at me and speaking poorly about me in front of my son." She called Tyga, after which, she states, "Rob immediately grabbed my phone and pushed me to ground [sic] by aggressively shoving me by the side of my arm and hitting me on the side. I fell down from the blow to my side. I was sore and it hurt to walk."

A hearing on the fate of the restraining order has been scheduled for Aug. 8. 

In the meantime, Rob Kardashian's primary marching orders are to grow up, for the sake of his child. And he may have to figure this one out on his own.

Rob Kardashian, Dream Kardashian


Though a Kardashian can never consider him or herself to be alone in the world, the youngest of Kris Jenner's four kids with her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian finds himself in an unusual place within a family that's known above all else for being fiercely protective of each other.

Needless to say, Rob had earned himself a bit of a reputation as a volatile Instagrammer, posting sweet sentiments and then wiping his page clean when he got mad. But his latest actions threw his mom and sisters for a loop.

A source told E! News that the entire family was "very disappointed" in his behavior and Kris, who's vacationing in Italy with Corey Gamble, was " very distraught."

Rob's whirlwind coupling with Chyna in early 2016 initially drove a wedge between him and his immediate family, who decried that he was keeping secrets from them, but soon enough it was his sisters, particularly Khloe and Kim Kardashian—the person who originally knew Chyna in the first place—who were trying to smooth everything over. Kim would do her best to include Chyna in family events even when Rob wasn't doing his part, and she helped orchestrate a truce between her old friend and Kylie.

"Although the family has never been a fan of Chyna, they want what is best for Dream," the source said. "The family is trying to focus on the positive things going on in their lives and hope that Rob will calm down and stop airing dirty laundry. The family is upset and thinks that Rob's actions were inappropriate."

Rob has no choice now but stop airing dirty laundry, or risk the wrath of the court.

Chyna's lawyer Lisa Bloom has explicitly categorized the intimate and graphic photos that Rob posted as "revenge porn." California formed an eCrime Unit dedicated to tech crimes and instituted a controversial law in 2013 making it illegal to post sexual content, such as a nude photo, without a person's consent as a means of purposely inflicting emotional distress on that person. (In 2014 a man who posted a topless photo of his ex on her employer's Facebook page, as well as some nasty messages, became the first person to be convicted of a misdemeanor under the new law. He was sentenced to a year in jail.)

Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Rob has not been charged with any crime and Chyna has not yet indicated any intent to press criminal charges, nor did she request a criminal protective order.

"I would like to just say something to, like, all the women out there," she told ABC News. "You know, you're not the only one that's probably going through something. So, I feel as though if one person speaks up, hopefully it will be a domino effect."

Dream was actually in her dad's care today while her mom was in court, an indication that Chyna trusts Rob to the extent she needs to trust him to continue their co-parenting arrangement. Shapiro told reporters that Chyna's allowing Rob to be with Dream and they're working it out.

Yet while the Kardashian sisters are hoping to put this episode behind them as soon as possible, Rob's drawn-out breakup with Chyna remains front and center for him for the foreseeable future.

Per the TRO, he's not allowed to post photos of Dream or King (Chyna didn't seek protection for either child), the latter of whom he's also grown close to over the course of the past year. Chyna also requested the right to tape any communications from Rob if he ended up in violation of the court's orders.

But without the temptation of Instagram or the ability to share photos of his daughter, who just like her cousins has become a reliable headline-maker in all her adorable glory, it's possible that Rob can have himself an uneventful, restorative four weeks. 

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