Khloe Kardashian is "paranoid" while in Cuba!

On Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe expressed that she was "worried" after talking to Lamar Odom. Khloe had been trying to get in touch with Lamar while on vacation in Cuba, but it's been hard because of the limited Wi-Fi access she has there.

Once she talks to Lamar she realized he's "great" but then she became "paranoid" about his behavior.

"I don't know, like his behavior is just...different," Khloe told Malika Haqq.

She even revealed, "I mean even his drinking alone is so bothersome to me and it makes me so furious because he can't even be drinking, it hasn't even been one year."

What else did Khloe say about Lamar?

Take a look at the recap to find out and see more OMG moments from this episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

1. Khloe & Malika Have a Lost in Translation Moment:

While riding around Cuba, Khloe and Malika's driver Armando asks if Malika likes "peanuts."

But because of his accent, it sounds like he's asking if she likes something else!

See Malika react to Armando's question in the hilarious clip above!

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3

2. Khloe Tells Lamar ''It's Gonna Take You Time to Earn Back Your Trust'':

During a conversation with Malika, Khloe tells her she was able to get in touch with Lamar and he sounded "great."

"I don't know why I'm like worried that Lamar was so good, like he sounded..." Khloe says.

"Khloe I know that you're worried I've just tried not to bring it up to you," Malika tells Khloe.

"No but I asked him I said, 'Have you been having any more dark thoughts?' And he goes, 'No I'm great!' And that's what concerns me," Khloe admits. "I feel bad that I'm letting the issues at home trickle into my Cuba trip, but I finally get in touch with Lamar and he sounds great. But almost too good where now I'm like paranoid and I'm like, 'Why do you sound so good?' It just freaks me out."

Malika tells Khloe that Lamar has given her "reason for concern."

"I just feel bad, I feel really bad even questioning it," Khloe reveals. "But I also told him like, 'It's gonna take you time to earn back your trust.' I don't know, like his behavior is just...different."

"I mean it is," Malika agrees. "Everything is out in the open now, so there is no secret to what he could potentially do again."

"So crazy," Khloe says. "I mean even his drinking alone is so bothersome to me and it makes me so furious because he can't even be drinking, it hasn't even been one year."

"But honey we know he shouldn't, but he's not choosing that," Malika tells Khloe.

E! Loves gif, Beyonce VMAS 2014

3. Kim Kardashian Reveals Her "Biggest Fear" Was Having to Dance With Beyoncé:

After salsa dancing with her family, Kim Kardashian dishes about her "biggest fight" with Kanye West and her "biggest fear."

"It was like our biggest fight that I don't dance at Kanye's concerts," Kim says. "I did not dance on Dancing With the Stars, like I did not dance."

Kim then reveals her "biggest fear" was dancing with Beyoncé during Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne Tour.

"My biggest fear was during Watch the Throne, that if I sit next to Beyoncé because she dances and she's up like you know," Kim says. "So the last night of the tour she came to the dressing room and was like, 'Hey do you wanna sit together?'"

Kim then pretends to cry while explaining the story and said she was like, "I can't sit next to Beyoncé!"

She continues, "And then she wanted to go in the mosh pit and I was like, 'Wait what do we do in the mosh pit?' And she's like, 'Dance, just let loose, just dance!' And I was like, 'My life is over!'"

4. Kylie Jenner Calls Scott Disick & French Montana ''So Crazy'':

After missing out on the Cuba trip with Kourtney Kardashian and their kids, Scott Disick decides to bring Cuba to LA.

So he and French Montana show up to Kylie Jenner's house with a classic car and Cuban cigars!

Take a look at the video above to see Kylie call Scott and French Montana "so crazy."

Kylie Jenner, PUMA Fierce

Lauren Dukoff

5. The Kardashians Talk to Kanye About Kylie's PUMA Deal:

On their last night in Cuba, the group sits down for dinner and start to talk about Kylie's deal with PUMA.

"Didn't they ask you about doing Adidas for her?" Kourtney asks Kanye.

Kanye says, "They didn't ask me but..."

"Kanye was doing his Adidas deal, mom called the people that Kanye was doing his deal with and said, 'Hey we want to do a deal for Kylie,'" Kim explains. "But they only have certain budget a year because they were looking at him like a celebrity deal."

Kim continues, "So she shot the campaign for PUMA."

"But did she call Kanye after that?" Khloe asks.

Kim tells her "no" and says then once the deal was announced "Kanye found out."

Kylie walked in Kanye's first two Yeezy fashion shows and Kim says he "really believed in her as a part of his brand."

To compare the situations, Kanye says that Kylie's PUMA deal is like "if I made a show on Sunday night" and didn't tell the Kardashians but did "a couple shows" with them first and got a deal from it.

Kim Kardashian, KUWTK, KUWTK 1213


6. Kim Says She's "Annoyed" With Kris Jenner Over the "Process" of Kylie's PUMA Deal:

While Kim tells Kourtney that Kanye didn't "care" that Kylie did a second photo shoot with PUMA, she admits she's "annoyed" with Kris Jenner over the "process."

As Kylie's manager, Kris handles the business deals for her, so Kim would've liked for Kris to have given her a "heads up" that this deal was happening because Kanye had "no idea."

The two talk about the situation and Kris explains that she sometimes forgets to "communicate" the way she should and she feels "bad" but tells Kim that it wasn't "intentional."

Khloe Kardashian, KUWTK, KUWTK 1213


7. Khloe Says Lamar "Has to Take Control of His Life":

After returning from Cuba, Khloe and Malika are hanging out when Lamar calls her. During the conversation both Khloe and Malika notice Lamar's heavy breathing. 

"Are you having trouble breathing?" Khloe asks.

"No," Lamar tells her.

"Is it from smoking too much?" she asks.

"No," he assures her.

"Coming back from Cuba I really want to keep Lamar in like a positive space," Khloe says. "I've been so worried this entire time, it makes me feel good to know that he is OK. But there comes a time where you go through certain life experiences and realize no matter what I do, there's nothing I can do. He has to take control of his life."

Watch a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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