KUWTK 903 Recap

Hey dolls, do you have an extra room? Our girl Khloe Kardashian is looking for a place to stay.

On this week's Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé is on a mission to find a stable place to live as she tries to cope with her relationship struggles.

"Right now, my personal life is a little chaotic," Khloé confesses. "I just hate being at home."

With Kris Jenner's home already filled with too many houseguests and Kourtney Kardashian's unique living habits, Khloé doesn't know where to turn.

"I've basically thrown all my bare necessities into some suitcases and I'm kind of living out of my car right now," she says. "Literally, my car has duffle bags upon duffle bags in it."

Enter little bro Rob Kardashian!

KUWTK 903 Recap

After living for months in his sister's gorgeous home, Rob is more than willing to return the favor and have his sister over. Just don't cook him anything with cheese. That's trouble!

As Khloé moves in, Kris is more interested in making her Broadway debut. With her summer talk show over for the season, the mother of six misses the excitement of a live audience.

KUWTK 903 Recap

It certainly doesn't help when she travels to New York City with Jonathan Cheban to see Chicago live on Broadway.

With little hesitation, Kris quickly begins to take singing and dance classes to perfect her skills. To our surprise, she actually has some moves.

KUWTK 903 Recap
KUWTK 903 Recap

When it comes to her voice, however, Kim Kardashian and Jonathan are a little concerned.

"Do you feel bad at all for the people buying the tickets who are going to have to sit through you and not a professional," Jonathan asks while Kim begins to laugh at her mom's vocal abilities.

Things don't help when Kathie Lee Gifford warns Kris of the workload Broadway stars have to commit to. Maybe we should reconsider this whole Broadway stage thing.

KUWTK 903 Recap
KUWTK 903 Recap

As Kris realizes her Broadway truth, Kourtney is busy trying to catch Scott Disick partying in Las Vegas.

After Scott fails to tell her about his scheduled appearance, Kourt surprises him at the event.

"I see Kourtney standing there like a freak. She's like MacGyver," Scott says. "She may have a tracking device on."

"You just can't outsmart a smarty pants," Kourtney says. Sorry Lord Disick, you've been caught red-handed.

KUWTK 903 Recap

Back at Rob's bachelor pad, Khloé gets a little too comfortable by hosting a slumber party with Kourtney, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner.

KUWTK 903 Recap

When Rob gets home, he's less than pleased with the surprise mess they made.

"I love having you there and trust me, I hate living alone but you're a distraction," Rob later explains. "I think we should have some agreement."

KUWTK 903 Recap

Ultimately, Khloé decides it's finally time to remove the band-aid and move back into her house.

"I obviously love my home," she says. "There's just a little darkness that needs to be cleaned out."

We feel ya, Khloé. It's going to get better.

Watch an all-new Keeping Up with the Kardashians Sunday night at 9/8c only on E!

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