FALL 2019
Scott Disick, Instagram

This gives a whole new meaning to the nickname "Khlo-Money!"

Scott Disick confused some fans, entertained others, and made the rest angry with his latest off-the-wall Instagram pic.

Scott snapped the pic with Khloé Kardashian Odom while she was sleeping, and added his own touch...he covered the snoozing Khloé in money.

"Just woke up and can't sleep and missing my girl @khloekardashian," Scott wrote when he posted the pic to Instagram. Khloé has been away on an international trip for the past week or so, so Scott must have taken this pic before she left and been saving it for a special occasion!

Scott is notorious for pranking fans on Instagram, and for getting some heat for doing it. Back in September, Scott started posting pics of himself holding money like a phone while taunting "peasants" and snapped a shot of a wad of cash attached to a toilet paper roll.

Those who are familiar with Scott's "Lord Disick" persona weren't too surprised, and many thought he was parodying Instagram user @ItsLavishB*tch with his pics. Still, many others didn't find Scott's flaunting of money very funny, and the heat is back this time around.

As for Scott missing Khloé, it's hard to say how sincere he's being: Khloé and Scott are definitely close, but the two have been known to mess with the paparazzi by holding hands out in public.

In fact, Scott posted a pic a while back of him and Khloé holding hands with the caption, "That awkward moment when you realize you have the wrong sister."

So, knowing that Scott's Instagram is full of lavish and outlandish pics, it's tough to say how serious he is. What do you think: Is this pic with Khloé in bad taste, or just some harmless fun?

Scott Disick, Instagram


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