We learned a lot this week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, including how Kim Kardashian's divorce settlement happened. But we learned a lot more, too, like how to get rid of Kris Jenner when she's trying to clean Kourtney Kardashian's shirt:

Kards 808

So when there's just too much fun stuff happening on any given episode, we like to go through in detail for all of you Kards superfans out there. It's Running Kommentary time!

 "Don't do that to Kourtney! That's our favorite sister!" Well, that settles that then. Sorry to all of you who like Kim or Khloé Kardashian Odom best, apparently that's the wrong answer.

 The reaction from Scott Disick to drinking aloe juice with pulp is roughly the same as mine would be:

Kards 808

3:08 Khloé playing ping pong in a white dress and thigh-high boots is the single most fabulous thing that can possibly happen.

3:59 Well, we all just learned way more than we ever needed to know about Khloé and Kim's nether regions. Rob Kardashian's face says it all.

4:29 Here's my theory: Greece's tourism board watched some episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, saw how much they love to shop, and invited them all over.

5:17 This is why Lamar Odom is amazing:

Kards 808

Nailed him!

6:52 I have now heard Bruce Jenner say the phrase "c--k push-ups" and now my life is complete.

8:41 "I just had three Dibs, a string cheese and a handful of those vegetable chips." Hey, Kim eats the same dinners I do!

9:40 Scott Disick, philosopher: "You're telling me there weren't trains being ran on people back then?

11:26 "I'll probably get brutalized in the press for it." She called it!

14:10 Bruce's "bonding" face makes him look like he's plotting something evil:

Kards 808

16:25 "That's so embarrassante...'Oh, my mom has to come into the courtroom judge, is that okay?'"

18:14 Kourtney's birthday cake is pretty fantastic:

Kards 808

19:06 So you're telling me that Bruce says "c--k push-ups" and does shots in one episode?! Best day ever.

20:25 Pretty sneaky, Kendall Jenner. Pretty sneaky.

22:23 Can we all just talk for a second about how hard Lamar is laughing over Khloé's candy video? Nothing fazes this guy.

26:35 And now he's being like an amazing older brother to Rob. Brb, crying.

27:30 "You a man, baby, you the last Mohican!"

27:50 GPOG—Gratuitous Picture of Goats:

Kards 808

28:30 Oh my God, Brandon Jenner's impression of Bruce is AMAZING. I would watch a show that's just Brandon imitating his dad for an hour.

Kards 808

29:22 Between the views of Mykonos and Brandon, Brody and Leah swimming around, there is just way too much beautiful happening on the screen right now. 

30:12 "We're traveling light. We only have about 300 bags."

30:55 Dem eyebrows:

Kards 808

36:55 Kris and Brody...I believe this is what Khloé would call "awko-taco."

38:22 "My biggest fear in life is a whale"—Khloé. Whales and bellybuttons are apparently totally gross to Khloé. Good thing whales don't have bellybuttons. Are blowholes grosser than bellybuttons? Probably. Well, that concludes today's National Geographic special on whale anatomy.

Have a favorite moment from this episode? Share it below! Tune in next week at 9/8c for another new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians...in Greece!

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