Kim Kardashian had a problem this week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Her lease was up on her house, but her new home wasn't ready yet. She could move in with Kris Jenner, but worried about the lack of peace and quiet in the Jenner house.

Turns out she was right!

After much convincing from Kris, Kim finally decided to move in, but before she could even put all of her baby stuff into the nursery, an argument broke out between her and Kourtney Kardashian.

It all started when Scott Disick decided to help Kim out with baby preparations such as assembling her stroller and taking a CPR class. Scott was just trying to be nice, so he was surprised to find that Kourtney was upset about him putting so much effort into helping Kim out, claiming that he didn't do the same for her with Penelope.

Things came to a head when the whole family was moving Kim in, and Kris jumped to Scott's defense. Before long, the sisters were throwing pillows, Kourtney was yelling about Kris having help from "a hundred nannies" when she was a new mom, and Scott was just worrying about "negative energy" in the baby's room.

"You know what it is," said Kris as Kourtney stormed out of the room, "she's been the center of attention since the day Mason was born." Is Kris insinuating that Kourtney is jealous of Kim for being pregnant?

Maybe not, as when Scott apologizes the next day, Kourtney is in much better spirits. All we're saying is that you'd better build the crib if Kourtney gets pregnant again, Scott!

Meanwhile, the Jenners were channeling their competitive spirit after some intense rounds of ping pong:

In fact, things got so competitive that Bruce Jenner and Brandon Jenner decided to enter a local ping pong tournament! Despite Bruce's best efforts (and 1976 Olympics outfit), he didn't make the finals...but Brandon ended up placing second!

New plan: How about every time the Kardashian sisters have a disagreement, they settle it through ping pong?

Tune in next week at 9/8c for another all-new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E!

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