Buckle up, because Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is going to be a bumpy ride...and that's not just because Kylie Jenner is learning to drive!

Kylie is part of the drama, though: When she and Kendall Jenner end up spending a little too much time together while working on projects and photo shoots, the two sisters end up in their biggest fight ever!

"All you do is act like a brat," says Kendall, while Kylie tries to play the whole situation off with, "Chill." Believe us when we say that it gets much more heated in the rest of the episode!

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian finds himself facing a potential arrest after a run-in with a photographer who snapped his picture unfairly. "She's pressing charges," says Kris Jenner, "the D.A. has decided to arrest him!"

All of that might make Scott Disick dropping out of racing school seem trivial, but there's a pretty serious reason for that, too. As Bruce Jenner says, "I think it's a two-beer night."

Tune in Sunday at 9/8c to see all the drama go down on an all-new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

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