It's a girl!

On the season eight premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian found out that she would be adding yet another daughter to the Kardashian family tree! But while that was happy news, there was plenty of stress before it.

Plus, Kris Jenner decided she could use some peace and quiet without Bruce Jenner, which turned into more than Kris bargained for, and Scott Disick...well, he got more than he bargained for, too!



Every Man Needs His Man Cave: When Bruce had some friends over and caused a ruckus, Kris decided it might be time for him to get his own "man cave" to afford her some peace and quiet. But Kris quickly found that plan backfiring when Bruce took it to mean that he should get a new house!

That worried everyone from Khloe Kardashian Odom to Kylie Jenner about whether or not Bruce was moving out, but both Bruce and Kris assured them that it wasn't a big deal. So Bruce got a little place in Malibu, and Kris got the place to herself.

There's just one problem: Kris missed the ruckus! "Let's get your man," Kylie said, and the two drove to Malibu to get Bruce to come back home.

Don't Dish It Out If You Can't Take It
: After talking with Rob Kardashian about his romantic exploits, Scott got an idea about Kourtney Kardashian. Namely, he wanted to "put it in the back door." Kourtney wasn't having any of that, so at Khloe's suggestion, she told Scott that she would do it...if he tried it first.


Scott didn't like that idea so much.

Enjoy the Ride
: If Kim seemed less than enthused about being pregnant, it wasn't because she wasn't happy. It was just that the stress was becoming too much, what with work obligations, finding a new house (and babyproofing it!) and going in for all of those checkups.

So Kris rallied the troops, and got Kourtney and Khloe to come to Kim's next appointment for support. And in that appointment, they all learned together that Kim is expecting a baby daughter!

Let the name-guessing game commence!


"A lot has gone on since Miami. I am...very pregnant"—Kim

"What is it with grown men and always wanting to put things where they don't belong?—Kourtney

"Khloe and Lamar are definitely doing some super weird things that I don't even know if they're legal"—Scott

"Kendall and Kylie and their group of teenage friends are a bazillion times more respectful than Bruce is"—Kris

"This is your butt, of course"—Scott

"Scott just texted me: 'Knock knock. Who's there? It's my penis, knocking on your back door'"—Kourtney

"Extended friendship?" This isn't a pen pal!"—Khloe

"This is actually working out quite nicely...I can play pin pong until midnight if I want to!"—Bruce

"This is just the most bizarre thing I've ever done in my life..."—Kourtney

"Who doesn't want a girl? They're the best. And I know that's what Kanye has always wanted, he wanted a little girl"—Kim

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