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Amid the destruction and chaos that's been left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there's also been an outpouring of support. Especially from celebs.

While words may seem small, if we've learned one thing about star power—and especially Kardashian star power—it's that those words can be motivating forces to drive donations and fan outreach.

That seems to be what Khloé Kardashian Odom was going for when she posted to her blog earlier today, "While the storm may be over, there are still millions of people dealing with the aftermath who need our help. If you live on the east coast, check on your neighbors and make sure they're ok. Offer your assistance in any way you can!"

While Kim posted her sympathy and encouragement to those in need. "All my friends from NYC are sending me pics of this storm. Praying for everyone on the East Coast! I hope everyone is safe!"

And Kourtney, likely thinking of her own family, reminded us of some of the most vulnerable during natural disasters. "I have chills thinking about the victims of hurricane Sandy. God bless all of those being affected. Especially families with children."

Looks like Late Night TV is on hiatus until Sandy calms down

If you feel inspired and want to take action of your own, check out the American Red Cross to find volunteer and donation opportunities—which Khloé tweeted her support of.

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