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Looks like Mason Disick is no longer the youngest Kardashian in the group.

That's because Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick just welcomed a new baby girl to the family!

If you don't already know the perks of being a Kardashian, then let us help you out. Here's what Penelope Scotland Disick has to look forward to:

10. Your grandpa is an Olympic gold medal winner.

That's right, you're a Kardashian and now you've got Bruce Jenner to train you in all things track and field—we'll take that over watching reruns of Matlock any day.

9. You're born a fashionista.

Not only is your mom a co-owner of Dash boutique, but so are your two aunties. Enjoy all those free onesies, girl!

8. Kanye West came to your baby shower.

Do you realize how many people can actually make that claim? Probably one, and her name is Penelope.

7. Chances are, you've got some pretty hot genes.

Not hot as in, like, sweaty hot—we're talking about the fact that if you end up looking half as gorgeous as Mama Kourtney, then you're in luck.

6. Uncle Rob. Enough said.

If we know our Rob Kardashian, and we think we do, then this bouncing baby is going to have a built-in bodyguard when it comes to her Uncle Rob. Watch out, potential boyfriends!

5. Aunt Khloé is a whole lot of fun.

Need to go through a mischievous stage? Having trouble perfecting your witty jokes? Hoping to paint your face in tribal colors and drag grandma Kris Jenner into the pool? Look no further than your fun-loving auntie Khloé Kardashian Odom.

4. Mason is your brother.

Have you seen this little guy? He's only 2 years old and already he's sporting sunglasses, is constantly being snapped by auntie Kim Kardashian and is the darling of Instagram. What can we say, Penelope, you've got a lot to live up to!

3. Kardashian swagger is built in.

Whether your fam is on vacay or just hanging out in Calabasas, we know they'll be doing it in style—and now you will be too.

2. Fanbase!

No need to sing for your supper or post thousands of YouTube vids in the hopes that someone—anyone!!!—will want to watch more of you. The Kardashian fans have been waiting for you to show up, and we couldn't be more excited about your arrival. In other words, you're surrounded by a whole lot of love—bathe in it!

1. Kourtney and Scott are your parents

Now, if only we could convince them to adopt us!

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