Kris Humphries, Scott Disick, Lamar Odom

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We all know the Kardashian sisters are super sexy, but what about their manly counterparts?

The dudes who dig Khloé, Kourtney and Kim may not have their star power, but some of them ain't too bad looking.

From pro basketball players to the formerly unemployed, the ‘Dash ladies have played them all. So which ‘Dash lad would you throw to the curb, get naughty with or bring home to mama Kris?

Lamar Odom, Scott Disick and Kris Humphries!

Khloé always said that once you go black, you never go back, and she looks to have stuck to her guns by sealing the deal with Lamar. We're way jealous of Khlo too, ‘cause at 6 feet, 10 inches and with that hot basketball bod, Lamar isn't too bad of a looker. And while we admit we were wary of their quickie relaysh when they tied the knot after only a month of dating, L.O. and the only married ‘Dash sis' seem to be the real deal, two years out.

Scott, on the other hand, isn't necessarily someone we'd label "cute." Yes he's got anger issues, drinks too much and wears those annoying sweaters tied around his neck, but we have to give him cred. ‘Cause see, the father of cutie-pie Mason seems to have stepped up to the plate lately by getting a job and working on his anger and excess for Kourt and his kid. Who knows, S.D. may soon be the perfect Kardashian hubby.

Last in our list of Kardashian boy toys is Kris (Humphries, not Jenner), the newly engaged love of Kim's life and the newest Kardashian enthusiast on the scene. Kris is also a pro B-baller, and so far, in all his innocence, the boy has gotten good marks. K.H. is a hotty with a body and access to Kim's booty, so we're guessing he's a happy dude. Oh, engaged bliss!

So which Kardashian man would you like to kick, kopulate with and keep wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger?

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Which 'Dash dude would you ditch?
Which 'Dash dude would you do?
Which 'Dash dude would you marry?
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