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Dear Ted:
I was shocked and angry when I read about 50 Cent's ridiculously homophobic and inhumane tweet in response to Tyler Clementi's death. I'm sure he would deny it had anything to do with the poor kid's suicide, but come on. I thought our world was moving toward acceptance and away from bigotry. You can't help but wonder how different the circumstances would have been if Tyler had been straight and filmed having sex with a girl—as Lainey stated he probably would have been celebrated. What are your thoughts?

Dear My Two Cents:
As sad as it may be, among the rest of the vile trash that is 50 Cent's Twitter feed, it doesn't surprise me to see the disgusting things he says toward the LGBT community. Could that be why the boy's already a stalwart member of the Blind Vice club?

Indeed, you can rest assured knowing that all that crap he talks is definitely overcompensating for something. Very, very sad about Tyler and the rest of the tragedies last week though.

Dear Ted:
Since you outed Nelly Fang and he doesn't do his outdoor activities anymore, does he do his guy-on-guy action indoors? I think it is awful that he cannot enjoy the great outdoors. I mean, who doesn't love nature?

Dear In the Coffin:
Poor Nell got the blood-sucking life scared out of him when he saw himself pop up in one of my little Vices, which caused him to limit his dude-on-dude action a bit. Sorry, N.F.! Doncha know I just want you to be the nasty vamp you are?

Dear Ted:
What's up with LiLo's latest rehab stint? Is she seriously trying to lessen the jail time by attempting to seem to sober up? The judge surely isn't so dumb! What's your take? Thanks.

Dear Straight Edge:
That's yet to be seen, but Betty Ford definitely isn't a place that messes around. La Lohan may finally get her act together, or, hell, it might be too much for her and she'll beg to be put back in the slammer. With how messed up this chick is, she might see it as the lesser of two evils.

Dear Ted:
Brad Pitt
, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson and even Jake Gyllenhaal have all grown beards this year, so what's going on with the hunks of Hollywood? Is this their way of going on strike against the demands of the PR machine? I don't think the beards become any of them (well, maybe Zac's, last I saw his was neatly trimmed). What's next? Is Toothy Tile going to get a beard too? I wonder what Grey Goose would have to say about that?

Dear No Shave 2010:
It's the fad, doll. All the hottest guys in Hollywood want to be seen as rugged hot instead of pretty boy hot. The beard makes them seem like they care a lot less about their looks (though you know that's totally BS). As for these days, Goose is the bearded babe in that relaysh—er, actually, which beard did you mean?

Dear Ted:
You have mentioned that stars use confidentially agreements to keep their vices out of the limelight—a certain B.V. star of yours being just one. If a mistress, for example, went to the papers stating the affair and the contract she signed, wouldn't the star taking her to court for breach of contract just confirm the affair and make it worst on the star? So wouldn't that make these agreements pretty useless?
—AJ xx

Dear Ahead of Yourself:
Never gets to that point. The hookers (male and female alike) like their money too much. Plus, they are intimidated. This is a fact.

Dear Ted:
I'll probably be skewered for this, but I'm curious enough to take my chances. I'm a Twilight fan, but I'll take the books over the movies any day! While I think Robert Pattinson is a cute guy, I can't help but wonder if there would be this obsession over him if he were never cast as Edward. I, personally, don't think there would be. Like I said, he's cute, but not in the conventional sense that obsessions are made of. It seems the only reason there is an obsession over Rob is because people are delusional and want to think that Rob is actually Edward.

Dear Pattinson – Twilight = :
Easy, he most definitely would not be the same superstar he is today had some other fellow nabbed the role of Edward. You've seen how well his little indies did, and none of them were getting his mug plastered on tabs.

Dear Ted:
Do any of the Kardashian's have a Blind Vice? There's so much drama on their show, I can only imagine what happens offscreen!
—Lisa Marie

Dear Trash on the Kardash:
Thing is, Lis, that what goes down onscreen is exactly who the K clan are. They've got few to no secrets, shocker as that may be.

Dear Ted:
I have three rescued kitties and two rescued pit bulls. Today I saw that Demi Moore tweeted a pic of Ashton Kutcher and her in bed. Last week she tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini. I keep thinking about the quote, "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much." Do you believe where there's smoke there's fire? And you're right, Ashton really is a big doofus.
—Pit Mama

Dear ReTweet:
Where there's smoke, there's always fire. Doesn't necessarily mean it's the fire that you—or the tabloids—suspect though. Kisses to all your rescue pets, you sound like a great mom!

Dear Ted:
I'm very curious about the status of some of my fave Blind Vicers and would greatly appreciate it if you would try to answer my rambling question. Here goes: Based on the following definitions of love and what you know about the relationships of our fave boy/boy couples, where would you place Toothy/Goose, JJO/DDD and ND/BBM as soul love (strong, dedicated and could last forever), crazy love (obsessive, addictive, on-again, off-again but always there) and toxic love (possessive, needy, dysfunctional chaos). Would these definitions even apply to any of them?

Dear Don't You Know That You're Toxic?
Toothy and Goose are the closest to soul mates among this group—at least, I'd like to think so, despite how much each of the guys tries to mess it up (we're looking at you and your strippers this time, Toothy). The other two are yet to stand the test of time, but I'd give Nev and Barr a better chance of lasting than Judas and the BF.

Dear Ted:
How is Pete Priss-Ass liking that apartment? Is it as fabulous as you said? Wish we had pictures!

Dear New Abode:
Pete's happy as his pissy little heart lets him be, let's put it that way.

Dear Ted:
No names of course, but to your knowledge, have any "casting couch" castings resulted in a Best Actress Oscar win? (Or, to be fair, Best Actor?) I still have a hard time thinking of the most famous and respected actresses out there participate, but as you always say, it is Hollywood.

Dear Bingo:
Yes, and a very famous one directly resulted several years ago. Think pink.

Dear Ted:
Regarding your B.V.s, are they A-listers, or more alike Z-listers? While trying to figure some out (and reading some of the ideas of guessers), there is a very wide range of actors, actresses and sports figures who can fit the Vices. So should we only pay attention to A-listers? I would expect nothing less from your amazing column. Thanks.

Dear Alphabet Soup:
A-listers, mostly, with an occasional B-lister. Who wants to read about a Z-lister, even if it's the most dirty of deets?

Dear Ted:
I love the Blind Vice Archive thing you've started. Great idea! Your recent list of "It Ain'ts" for Toothy Tile has me a little perplexed though. You listed numerous male celebrities that T.T. is not and right smack dab in the middle of that list you put Nikki Reed? Huh? Was this a simple slip-up or are you trying to say something about that girl?

Dear Gender Bender:
Hey, you all are the ones who guessed the poor babe.

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