Married To Jonas Recap

Dani is helping Kevin pack for South America. It's the first time they've had to spend any real time apart in a long time, so they both get a little misty eyed…

When the Jonas Brothers and Mikey Deleasa arrive in South America, they are immediately swarmed by fans. They can't go anywhere south of the equator without a police escort and A LOT of fans basically hurling themselves at their car!

Back in New York, Dani and her sister Dina go in for a second meeting at Cosmo. The meeting goes well, but Dani finds out she has a tight deadline to meet when writing the article, and is worried about whether or not she will be able to finish it on time.

The Jonas Brothers miraculously dodge over-eager fans and paparazzi and make it to their show… only to have to sit around in the dressing room for a couple hours until the show starts. Things get weird…

They have a stellar performance, and spirits are high until Kevin gets a phone call from Dani the next day and learns that her flight got canceled and she won't be able to make it… Kevin is crushed.

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