Married to Jonas

This week started off with a mystery of epic proportions… what caused the stain on Dani's Fashion Week dress? Did the dog pee on it? Or was coffee "accidentally" spilled on it? Not even Sherlock Jonas was able to solve the case!

Mikey Deleasa has a big show at the Bowery in New York, and the whole family goes to support. Kevin is a big fan of his music and couldn't be more excited to see Mikey nail his performance.

Joe takes Mikey out shopping for new stage clothes. Things go swimmingly until this happens…

After shopping, the two grab lunch and Joe breaks some big news… the Jonas Brothers are going to have Mikey's band open for them in South America! Go Team Deleasa!

Meanwhile, Dani gets called in for a meeting at Cosmo. She takes her sister for moral support, and find out that the editors want her to do a column for them. Dani's moving on up in the world!

Unfortunately, when Dani breaks the news to Kevin that the column will interfere with her going with him to South America, he gets upset. He thinks she's not supporting him enough, and she thinks he's being selfish!

Tune in every Sunday at 10/9c for a new Married to Jonas!

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